Blog: Exclusive Champagne Trail

I had the pleasure of taking out a lovely family for an Exclusive Champagne Trail a couple of days ago. They were quietly celebrating a special occasion, and decided to do something a little out of the ordinary as a treat.

Pearly weather smiled on us, and we had a gorgeous ride through the dunes and forest in pleasantly warm, but not hot conditions. The beach was particularly splendid, with no wind and the Atlantic like an azure mirror, even affording us views of Dyer Island on the horizon.

Kos and Christopher did us proud, setting out the table of goodies close to the water’s edge, for re-fuelling, and of course cracking open a bottle of bubbly for a toast. Mom, and then father and son, took turns swimming with Kimo in the tidal pool, and thoroughly enjoyed their first ever experience of “riding the waves”!

For me, it is such a privilege being able to be a part in assisting people experience these “bucket list” dreams, sharing in their joy. The horses, as ever, were models of patience and treated their riders with good behaviour and kindness.

All in all a delightful afternoon trail.

If you would like the opportunity to celebrate your special occasion in the same style, choose another of our available options, or even tailor make a trail to suit your own requirements.

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