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Our Horses

Most of our equine family have come from a background of neglect or abuse.  Each one of them have their own unique story, and just as unique personality.  We pride ourselves on being able to match you to your perfect horsey companion on the trail.
Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Kimo


On the majority of trails this lady leads the way. Sarah's ultimate partner, she takes her responsibility seriously, and keeps a watchful eye on the other horses.  Easily recognised by her very sexy bottom with no tail, a heirloom of her past life before she joined our family.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Rocky


Our twenty-year-old who still thinks he's five! A highly obedient horse who nevertheless loves to show you that he isn't known as our speedster for nothing!

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Shay


The old dame of our herd, this thirty plus year old has a ladylike dignity, and still enjoys taking our more nervous riders on a gentle walk or trot.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Pride


Pure fire, with a gentle soul... he has explosive speed, but place your trust in him, and he will give you the thrill of your life!

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Mardi


Our “drama queen”, this beautiful, showy Saddler x Friesan, is a dream ride, exuding grace in all her paces. Just watch out for the occasional piece of horse-eating kelp!

Horse riding on Pearly Beach


Big, gentle Troy, our beach boy is never happier than when he can feel the beach sand under his hooves.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Frisco


With his best friend Donkey, he is our gentle pony, trained not only to carry riders safely on trail, but is a steady carriage pony too.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Jinx


Full of character, with his one folded over ear (also from previous neglect), this little palomino is ideal for our smaller riders and children with his sweet, sensible nature.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Corona


Kimo's beautiful Appaloosa daughter, she has been with us since a foal, and is presently in training, soon to be taking part with the rest of her team. Now fully trained and part of the team.

Brunia, Luna & Pixie

Our three latest Seahorses, updates on them soon.

Pearly Beach Horse Trails horse called Neptune


This big chestnut mare is a beautiful new addition to our herd. After two failed attempts at loading her in the horsebox to transport to the farm, we were finally successful on the third try, proving that this lady has a very strong mind of her own!

Miniature horses on Pearly Beach Horse Trails farm


Our herd of miniature horses consists of stallion, Malibu, two mares, Sambucca and Daquiri, Martini, and our latest foal, little Sangria. All gentle and sweet, these little garden gnomes are an especially huge hit with our younger visitors.


Our lovable donkey, also a rescue, she delights in her antics and loving personality.