Blog: And the Winner is…

We hit our 100th TripAdvisor review! Skye & Cat’s review wins a free Premium Beach Trail or Mountain Fynbos Trail ride with us. We look forward to hosting them again. Congratulations, ladies!

Over and above this, we have had a busy couple of weeks… Kos and I decided to renew our wedding vows, marking not just our 26th Anniversary, but also some important birthdays within our family this year. We had great fun preparing for the day, which included so many of the things in our lives that we hold dear. Firstly, and most importantly, our precious horses, with of course the beach, and where would a good party be without friends, champers, and fabulous food! Incredible experience, we loved every second of it, and thank everyone who worked so hard in assisting us to make it the perfect occasion. Highly recommend anyone contemplating doing this to go right ahead – the ultimate in romance!

Also slowly adapting to latest equine arrival to his new lifestyle at Pearly. We adopted him from a horse sanctuary, and, like many of our horses, he comes from an abusive past. Although he presently remains nameless (to be rectified soon!), we welcome him to his new family, and know he is going to fit in well and love his new life here.

Trails, as always, have been great, and the Overberg Winter continues to amaze, with beautiful days, allowing for us to still swim with the horses, enjoy the beach to the fullest, and soak in the breathtaking floral fynbos display.

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