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Our latest TripAdvisor review, from Cheadle, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. Many thanks for a great review.

Magical experience!

I’ve been lucky enough to go on two beach rides with Sarah during my stay in South Africa, and both were really wonderful!

The horses are safe, well trained (particularly impressive since many of them are rescued), and Sarah matched each of our group’s riding experience, ability and confidence to the right horse. 

On the trail to and from the beach, Sarah shared her wonderful knowledge of the local area, plants and wildlife.

The beach itself is an absolute dream. Unspoiled white sand stretching for miles, with hardly another soul in sight. It’s hard to believe there is anywhere left on earth so beautiful, and so devoid of hordes of tourists.

I greatly enjoyed the gallops along the sand, a real dream come true, but was also impressed that the horses would genuinely listen to their riders, and only go as fast as you asked them to, which can be a problem in trail horses used to doing certain things in certain places and following the herd. The people in our group who were less experienced or less confident stuck to a walk or a trot, as they wished, with novice riders being very well looked after and kept on lead rein (but even and to enjoy a canter on the beach on lead, if they wished). We were very pleased to be and to enjoy the experience as group, rather than having to be separated by ability, which is often the case with mixed ability riders.

Add to all this, refreshments provided on the beach, Sarah’s husband taking photos and drone footage on our behalf, and (weather permitting) a swim in the ocean with the horses – I’m an experienced (if out of practice) rider, but I’ve never swum with horses before and it was really exhilarating experience – and you really couldn’t ask for more.

Highly recommended. Can’t wait to be back of the area so I can go again!

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