Blog: Winter… what Winter?

June & July have come and gone, along with the Winter solstice, and our short days starting to noticeably lengthen again. They’ve been lovely months in terms of weather, and we’ve had many fabulous trails, including swims in the ocean with the horses, and even a few swims without our equines!

With Kos away for the whole of June in Namibia on an astronomy project, Martinè and myself were kept busy with our clients, providing not just the guiding, but the trail photography as well. I’ve always maintained women are good at multi-tasking! Christopher and I took a much needed break, joining Kos in Sossusvlei, Namibia, for some splendid desert scenery and activities for the first week of the school holidays. This coincided nicely with the only really cold front of the season, and we had some amazing views of the freshly fallen snow on the Cape mountains on our return flight. It was wonderful to see the abundance of dams overflowing everywhere, and that incredible emerald green of fresh new growth after the long drought.

It was with much sadness that we bid farewell to Martinè mid-July, as she winged her way home to prepare for her future studies. We wish her all the best for the future.

With Christopher’s assistance when he’s not at school, Kos and I have had a busy time with many great trails, and it has been especially delightful to be joined by lots of kids from tweens to teens, enjoying their long European Summer holidays abroad.

Looking forward to a busy August as the “Whale Season” moves into full swing, and our giant visitors once again grace us with their awesome presence. Couple this with the bountiful floral display from all the proteas and other gorgeous fynbos, and you have a winning recipe for a truly “bucket list” horse trail experience in the outstanding Overberg!

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