Blog: Mid Winter Trails

Mid Winter in the Overberg and still wonderful weather to ride in. Some of our latest reviews on tripadvisor, Google Maps and Facebook below:

Rasmustkknudsen Nottingham, United Kingdom, 19 June 2018

Wonderful, personal and memorable

We booked the beach horse riding experience with Sarah on the same day and she excellently accommodated us. Starting on the beautiful, idilic farm we were introduced to the extremely well kept horses and how to ride. Before long we were riding along the stunning beach. They were very understanding of different abilities throughout and by the end we were all able to ride independently, trot and even try a canter. We were well supported and looked after throughout.

A fantastic experience, one of the best of our time in South Africa so far! Highly highly recommend!

Miriam 19 June 2018

Lovely afternoon horse ride

Had a brilliant time with Sarah horse riding. We rode to pearly beach, which was so beautiful. We walked the horses on the shore, trotted and cantered. She was very understanding about our minimal experience horse riding and talked us through what to do. We were led by her at first and then we got to ride without the lead. Would 100% recommend to anyone in the area.

Adri S 18 June 2018

Fantastic Experience!

Thank you, Sarah for giving us the most memorable experience ever! We loved swimming with the horses and we will definitely recommend this for our friends/family back in America!

Anelda 7 June 2018

One of the BEST kind!

One of the best riding experiences ever! Warm welcome. Horses in good temperament and well cared for. Each horse picked to fit each rider. Great scenery! It starts on farmland, then to fynbos, then some backroads and finally to the beach… which was absolutely amazing. And the bucket list was ticked by swimming with the horses into the surf. Amazing, totally safe and something to be remembered for years to come! The guide was knowledgable, greatly entertaining and had amazing knowledge to share as well as tales of old and titbits of the surroundings as we went along the route. Sarah, you were great. Thank you for sharing your time and allowing us to take part in an experience of a lifetime!!

Gerhard Gerber 5 June 2018

This was a real good way to introduce my son to horse riding. Sarah the owner even took him and his horse into the surf for a ‘swim’. Great memories. And everything was done professionally and safely but with that personal touch you dont get anymore. Value for money for sure and highly recommended!

Debi B June 2018

What an incredible experience!

I would not have believed that I would willingly go swimming with a horse but I did and loved every moment of it. Sarah has a strong relationship with her horses who were relaxed and enjoying it almost as much as we were. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who has ever entertained the thought of going horse riding. The beach is long and white and beautiful and this really is a day to remember. Thanks to Cos for the great photos.

Diana Valencia June 2018

This was my first time riding a horse on a beach and it was absolutely amazing! The horses are very well behaved and the people that guide you through the ride are also so great. They made sure to check up on everyone and tailored to all our needs. I would recommend this activity to riders of all experience, even if there is none! Additionally, the pictures taken were so beautiful!

Janice 16 May 2018

One of the most amazing experiences ever!!

I have never been on a beach ride before let alone gone swimming with a horse! This was a great escape for me, the experience was thrilling, peaceful and mesmerizing. I will definitely be back for more!! Thank you Sarah for being a most hospitable host, for making me feel safe and comfortable at all times and most of all, thank you for an epic adventure!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Raafs 06 May 2018 ★★★★★

Amazing a must do!

I must say I’ve done a couple horse trails around and his is by far the best I’ve been on. The horses taken care if very well and are in great shape and very nice to ride. The trail gives you a taste of different terrain as you start at the farm and make your way through a green covered route to what is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen. It has no garbage and very clean waters. No other places offer a swim on the horse which is something very unique to experience. The horses are comfortable in the water and go on up to their neck. Was truly the best horseback experience I’ve had and couldn’t reccommend it more! Photos are included in the ride and are wonderfully taken. They also have newly renovated cottage that’s is very private and pretty for anyone wanting to stay over. All this topped off by incredibly friendly guides and photographer made it a memory I’ll have forever.

Keith L 05 May 2018 ★★★★★


We had the privilege of joining the beach ride along one of the most pristine beaches in the area.

The swim with the horses was absolutely amazing and something that will stick in our memories forever.

The horses are well trained and well loved and the backdrop of pearly beach is stunning. If you are in the area it’s a must.

An absolutely amazing experience.

Thank you

Helelene Grobbelaar 28 April 2018

My husband planned a romantic 5th wedding anniversary with the help of Sarah & Kos Coronaios…everything was well planned…From the sunset trip with the horses on the beach to the champagne picnic with red roses and the works! It was simply Amazing! I would recommend them to anyone, seriously book the ride and see for yourself. Thanks Sarah & Kos it was an evening to remember!  We will see you again!!!

Daisy Marais, 2 April 2018

Wow! Thanks Kos and Sarah!  Everyone visiting Gansbaai should experience this.  My daughters had an amazing time.

Bucket list stuff..

Adi Reid, 2 April 2018

We had a wonderful time riding today with Sarah and her team – she is lovely and her horses are so well behaved. Beautiful ride for beginners or experts, through the fynbos, on the beach and a swim in the ocean. We were so lucky to see their 1 day old baby miniature horse – a sweetie pie.

We highly recommend it.

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