Blog: Autumn Trails – Shortening Days and Cooler Weather

After lovely mild weather over the Easter weekend, I am becoming aware of the change in season. So different from the abrupt change from Summer to Winter that we are accustomed to up North in Limpopo, we are experiencing each season here very distinctly.

Northwester bringing in rain, and some interesting finds on the seashore, are all new experiences for us. A particularly exciting find was the beautiful Paper Nautilus shells, the first I’ve had the privilege to find. Absolutely gorgeous!

The mighty Atlantic has proven to be quite formidable on the last few trails, presenting us with some big swell and breakers, even in our usually dead calm “swimming pool”. The horses have astounded me with their bravery facing the big water, and even little Jinx proved himself particularly courageous when a large wave broke over us and he chose to go through it rather than over! All the horses have adapted incredibly well to our new seaside life and are thriving.

Lots of good canters, amazing swims with the horses, loads of laughs… even the wind couldn’t put a damper on the trails. Dramatic cloud formations, wonderful sunsets, lovely diverse trailists… every trail is special and unique.

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